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When We Was Young embraces rural folk and bar rock styles to celebrate whiskey soaked pursuits that listeners are sure to remember.

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TWiMFeST Ticket Contest! 

We here at When We Was Young are pretty excited about playing this year's TWiMFeST, even if we're not very good at typing TWiMFeST.   And we want to share that excitement with you - and not in a way that will require any medical tests afterwards!   We're giving away two great prizes to our fans:   1st Prize - five day all-access pass to every TWiMFeST show.   2nd Prize - Two tickets to see When We Was Young and a whole whack of other great bands on
November 4 at The Painted Lady.… Read more

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“I love your music! It really touched me and I kept saying, ‘I can’t believe this band isn’t being played on the radio and a record label hasn’t signed them up!’ “

- Elaine Polny, Exec. Marketing Director, Waking Life Studios