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When We Was Young embraces rural folk and bar rock styles to celebrate whiskey soaked pursuits that listeners are sure to remember.

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Upcoming Shows


WWWY @ Glenbrae Ave. Street Party

Glenbrae Ave. Street Party, Glenbrae Ave. b/w Broadway and Glenvale, Toronto


We're excited to get outside and play the annual Glenbrae Ave. Street Party on September 20!

Word on the street is that there will be a bouncy castle. That is the only form of payment we accept.

Age limit: All ages


Indie Week Canada 2014

Boots N' Bourbon, 725 Queen Street East, Toronto


WWWY is thrilled to be selected for a Judged Showcase as part of Indie Week Canada 2014!

We're going to be playing at Boots N' Bourbon Saloon - Ben may finally have a chance to wear his cowboy boots.

The rest of the band has not been asked about this yet.

Looking forward to it!

Age limit: 19+


WWWY @ The Horseshoe Tavern, Redux

The Horseshoe Tavern, 370 Queen Street West, Toronto


We're headed back to The Horseshoe for another night of happy-time rock n' roll!

Come on out and make your Wednesday night more awesome! More details will be added once we know who we'll be playing with.

There's an open guestlist for the evening that will let you bypass the lineup and get to the stage for free!

Limited spots are available, so email us at whenwewasyoung@gmail.com to get added to the list.


What's going on?

WWWY @ The Horseshoe Tavern: Indie 88 Nu Music Tuesdays 

Join WWWY and Barbarosa for an amazing night of music as part of Indie88Toronto's Nu Music Tuesdays at The Horseshoe Tavern.

We're thrilled to be playing with Barbarosa! Give them a listen and let's see if we can convince them to bring their rabbits.

We'll be going on at 9 p.m., come early and stay late for an earful of amazing tunes.

If you haven't seen us lately, this is your chance to hear some of very best stuff. It will be broughten.

And, of course, no cover. So, really, what's your excuse?

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“I love your music! It really touched me and I kept saying, ‘I can’t believe this band isn’t being played on the radio and a record label hasn’t signed them up!’ “

- Elaine Polny, Exec. Marketing Director, Waking Life Studios